Betfair in the Actual • Now it is possible to bet on Betfair in BRL

Depositing in brazilian real at Betfair - you can Now

Guys, I bring to you first-hand a great new feature that was much requested by several people: Betfair in real, finally it will be possible to withdraw, deposit and bet at Betfair in BRL.

Attention: it is only from day 14

Remember, guys: do not need to contact the support or even cancel your account and create a new one. This transition will happen naturally: the first for the new customers and to existing customers. So, stay quiet, and in a short time, we’re all betting on the Real!

In advance, this is exactly what is in the title. From the 14th day of February 2019, Betfair will move to accept the new accounts with the option to choose the currency in real and, for those who already have a Betfair account, it will be possible to migrate also in the future.

Therefore, so that we can take advantage of this great new feature, we need to have a Betfair account. This way, if you do not yet have a Betfair account, you can create it on the banner here below and receive your exclusive bonus.

What are the benefits of having a Betfair account in real?

There are several benefits to you, my friends! The following, I will mention the main that you can explore quietly without the fears from the moment that they have the opportunity to have an account in real on Betfair.

1. Conversion

Conversion of currencies on Betfair

Now, you can use the currency without worrying about losses at the time of conversion of the currency — both in purchase as in sale. This is already a great advantage. And this, after all, it is a concern that always exists when working with a currency different from that used in our country.

2. Compra

Utilizando moeda local na Betfair

Você não precisará pagar impostos como o IOF, por exemplo, pois já estará trabalhando com a moeda que é utilizada em nosso país. Isso significa um custo a menos para reduzir os seus resultados conquistados na Betfair (o que é ótimo!).

3. Consciousness

Working with the awareness of the currency corrtra

You will now have a greater awareness of the value that will be working. Sometimes, using other currencies, we have lost the notion of value that it can represent in our country.

4. Practicality

Patricidade in depositing and cashing out on Betfair

Bet on Betfair in real it will be something much more practical for our day-to-day. We will be able to make transactions directly from your bank to Betfair and vice versa, without the need for a third party to do so.

What is the disadvantage to those who have already worked with another currency and want to exchange?

Disadvantages of using the real on Betfair

I believe that the biggest disadvantage is getting used to this new scenario. For example, a person who uses a stake of $ 50.00 and with the dollar worth today$ 3,73 would need to use a value of R$ 186,50 to have the same returns.

It may be that our head lock a little bit in the beginning. Because we are used with certain numbers and with this occurs this variation. However, I believe that it is something that with the usual to be resolved peacefully.

Just as a note (and you may be able to personally check on the official statement from the Betfair logo below), the process will still not be available for accounts created. However, the platform is already signaled that this process will be started soon. Just wait a little longer.

And you: liked the idea of betting on Betfair in Real?

Sure, this new option comes to add up and help us have a “headache good” at the time of choosing the currency in our Betfair account.

There are many advantages for those who want to create or change the Betfair account in real.

Therefore, so that we can take advantage of this great new feature, we need to have a Betfair account. This way, if you do not yet have a Betfair account, you can create it on the banner here below and receive your exclusive bonus.

See the email sent out by Betfair to its affiliates:

Hello Club Bet, your opinions and suggestions are very important to us and therefore we are pleased to announce that Betfair will be offering the brazilian real as the currency for all new customers who register after February 14, 2019 (date of launch). This will allow our new customers to deposit, withdraw and wager in real.Due to technical constraints and tests that we conduct, we cannot at this time offer the Actual brazilian to our existing clients, but please be assured that we are working on it as a priority to provide a smooth transition and a better betting experience for all of you. We hope to be able to offer existing customers the option to exchange coins soon and we will contact you again with more details about the process. We value your help to spread the news about the release of the coin and share this information with your customer base.You do not need to change any offer or existing URL that you are promoting, we will confirm the values of our welcome bonuses in brazilian reais in the next few days so that you can share this with new clients. Please note that new customers can still sign up with USD ($), if they wish, and existing accounts that use USD ($) will not be affected by the release of the Real. All customers will still be able to take advantage of our offerings in the course, as the Game of the Week, FC Friends, etc.and will still be able to access the range of Betfair’s products, including the Exchange and Hold on to this Jackpot. In order to avoid putting an extreme pressure on our customer service team, we ask to just contact us about real problems of payment / deposit. They will not have any additional information on the launch of the brazilian real that has not been relayed in this email. We appreciate your patience and support during this period exciting.Please feel free to contact via e-mail affiliate if you have any questions at this stage, this can happen in Portuguese or English, as you prefer. We ask you to respond directly to this e-mail, or alternatively put in the e-mail subject: Real BR thank you Very much for your co-operation,Team Betfair

I hope that this article will help you to make a wise choice, any questions just send me in the comments that I will have the pleasure in responding. But it says there: liked the idea of betting on Betfair in Real?

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