F5 – Colunistas – Zapping – Cristina Padiglione – Tony Hawk, played by Emilio Dantas, ‘resurrects’ again, now in the novel of seven – 02/05/2019

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‘Second Sun’, a musician mark tribe of axé music in the 90’s

Tony Hawk, the character of Emilio Dantas, who pretended to be dead in “Second Sun” will “rise” again. The fictional idol of axé music in the 1990s, according to the creation of the author João Emanuel Carneiro, in the last novel of the nine of the Globe, will act together with Titian, singer of lambada lived by Icaro Silva on the current plot of the seven. The jadakiss of Izabel Oliveira and Paula Amaral has paid several tributes to the icons of the 90’s.

GOOD deed

The Globe takes advantage of the premiere of the 3rd season of the series “Under Pressure”, this Thursday (2), to promote a blood donation campaign in 89 cities, 19 states.


In his farewell Gazeta TV, the day before yesterday, Maria Lydia was honored with a photo in the studio, surrounded by the entire team of journalists and technicians, in addition to the superintendent of the programming of TV Gazeta, Lmao Rodrigues, who did not treat the case as a “goodbye”. On Facebook, Lmao wrote: “Night to say see you soon to the great journalist Maria Lydia. Privilege to live with it for the last 28 years.”


With the program of the day before yesterday ready, Pedro Bial ran up to the front of the camera to record an addendum to the issue of the night. The journalist clarified that the conversation with Dr Light, citing Beth Carvalho, outside recorded before the death of the singer.


Gloria Mary made a pause in the recordings of the Globo Reporter in Macedonia to talk with the mother of the chef de cuisine Tutto, which made a typical lunch for the team. Will air this Friday (3), back to the time of 22.30.

Cristina Padiglione, 48, is a journalist and writes about issues related to television. It covers the area since 1991, when the pay TV still engatinhava. She went through the Newsrooms of the newspapers Folha da Tarde (1992-1995), Sheet (1997-1999) and The State of S. Paulo (2000-2016), among other publications. She also has the blog Telepadi (telepadi.sheet.with.br), hosted on the website of the Sheet.

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