How to bet in the Pernambuco Championship?

How to bet in the Pernambuco Championship?

The Championship Pernambuco is a state that, as well as others for our Brazil, is dominated by teams from large national expression. So much so that, in terms of titles, is virtually dominated by the “trio de ferro” of the state: Sport 41 titles, Santa Cruz 29 securities and Nautical with 22 titles (current champion edition 2018).

In this article, mainly aimed at beginners, we will explain then to you step-by-step and simple manner how to place a bet in the Pernambuco Championship by 188Bet.

How to bet in the Pernambuco Championship by 188BET?

The 188Bet is one of the largest bookmakers operating in brazilian soil today. You most likely already encountered any advertisement advertising the same in the range of some football match on the sports channels, isn’t it? This is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable houses of bets that we have on the internet for you to make your bets in Pernambuco, 2019.

The first step to bet on the 188Bet is to have a register in the house. In case you still do not have, we have a full article explaining the step-by-step how to do it. On the other hand, if you do not need help, create your account and get a bonus special welcome to new registered.

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Finding a game in the Pernambuco Championship in 188Bet

After registering, and have made your first deposit, login in the platform to begin with. As we will bet on the state championship, the first thing we need to do is find the championship within the site. In the first place, we need to access the menu of Sports in the upper left corner, as shown in the figure below.

find the championship within the site

When loading the page, you will be faced then with a large “tab” on the left side of the site with several sports modalities in which the 188Bet works. The most common already will be among the first options shown. Click on the Football as shown in the image.

Click Football

Done this, you will now have options football competitions around the world, arranged in alphabetical order. Use the scroll bar on your mouse, and find the option “Brasil” and then click.

Here, you’ll find all of the national competitions as shown in the figure. Now, simply select the box for “Brazil Pernambuco Championship A1” and click the “Submit” button to access, as the signals the red arrow in the image below.

football competitions around the world

Finally, you will already be in the list of matches of the competition. You just click on the game of your interest to view the available markets to bet on.

the game of your interest

How to bet in the Pernambuco Championship by 188Bet?

As an example, we’ll take the match between Náutico Capibaribe PE vs Win PE. In the market of the Winner of the confrontation (or “1×2”), please note the odds for this match.

market Winner

The meaning of the odds

The meaning of the odds

The odds bring two pieces of information important to the bettor. In the first place, informs you of the percentage probability of the result happening. In addition, it brings the potential of a financial gain should the bet be a winner). To better understand these two situations, let’s focus on the odds of 1.17 offered in case of a victory of the Nautical.

Let’s start by financial gain, that is the most simple. To find it, just multiply the odds by the amount invested. Assuming a bet with$10 in the victory of the Nautical for example, the return would be R$11,70 (10 x 1,17). Or, for that bet the profit would be of R$1.70 (after all, the other R$10 had been placed by you).

The second aspect is the probability of the outcome happening. To know the number, we must divide the number a by the odds. In this case of the Corinthians, we find the value of 0.50 (1 ÷ 2,13). This value means that 50% chance of victory for the Rudder. As for the Guarani, with odds of 3.75, the probability of victory pointed to by the market is 26% (1 ÷ 3,75). Therefore, the higher the odds, the less likely the event will be.

The second aspect is the Probability of the outcome happening. To know the number, we must divide the number a by the odds. If this is the case of Nautical, find the value of 0.85 (1 ÷ 1,17). This value means that the Nautical has an 85% chance of victory. As for the Winning PE , with odds of 9.10, the probability of victory pointed to by the market is 10% (1 ÷ 9,10). Therefore, the higher the odds the lower the probability of the event occur.

How to add a bet on 188Bet?

After analyzing which is the best bet to be made, in the example of the video, we see the market winning Range of Nautical, you can simply click on the odds displayed on the site, as well as shows the picture. In the right corner of the site, the platform will open a window showing all the information. In the white box marked by the arrow, type the value that you will be willing to bet. Finally, click on the button “Bet”.

How to add a bet on 188Bet?

Tips for Betting in the Pernambuco Championship

To close this article, we classify some basic tips for your bets in the state of Pernambuco. Let’s go to them!

Tip #1: Information is everything

Information is everything

Always check the teams before a match. Know really which is the team that will field interest her in the competition, if there is a crisis between coach and players, back wages, etc.

These aspects of the mental make much of a difference, because they are always brought into the field, and can be determining factors for good (or bad) bet.

Tip #2: Bankroll Management Healthy

Bankroll management Healthy

Always back your bets with values controlled, never use more that 5% (or less) of your total capital. Example: if you have a bankroll total in the amount of 100 real, never put in risk more than 5 dollars on a bet. This way, you will have a breath greater if you have a bad streak of losses, where for you break down will have to miss 20 bets in a row.

And, finally, our last recommendation: never do All-In (put all your capital in just a bet), what is the worst thing you can do in the midst of sports betting. If you want to know more about bankroll management, we have a whole article to teach everything and more a little how to manage your capital in betting.

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