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In a statement short in this May 1, in the network of radio and television, the president Jair jair bolsonaro took to praising the small businessmen and left-side generation of formal jobs. The numbers have shown little fall or stabilisation in the generation of formal jobs. The number is lower than when Dilma Rousseff out of the Presidency, but there is growing despondency.

Jair jair bolsonaro then preferred to focus on the opening of companies, reduction of bureaucracy and encouragement for more people to undertake and let’s just search for jobs and start to undertake.

it Is a discourse of modern, but in Brazil still finds it difficult. Start simplifying is one of the ways to encourage the growth of entrepreneurship, but it is necessary to invest in education that encourages the person to undertake, and also has an entire environment in the society that has to change for things to be more “natural”.

For now, given the lack of numbers robust, jair bolsonaro chose to speak about this sector.

Alternative from the left

No alternative was seen in the act unified the central trade union in the 1st of may. Spoke very much on the agenda of abolition of jobs, but not seen any preaching alternative.

since that is against Pension reform, which would be the alternative from the opposition? It is not known. If seen much proselytizing political.

When it is not bombing without building anything in the place, the opposition continues in sebastianismo that do not have space in the country today and with the cantilena of the “Squid free”.

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