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Each turn represents an election

Voters who did not vote in the last three elections have until next Monday (06) to rectify the situation.

Each turn represents a election. If the situation is irregular, the voter needs to go to the electoral register with an official document with photograph, proof of residence and voter registration, if you still have it.

The beginning of the process can be done through the internet, through the web site of the the Superior Electoral Court.

After filling of personal information, the voter must print the Guide Gathering Union to pay off the fine of R$ 3.51.

When this process is complete, the voter will only need to go once to the electoral register. The voter that does not rectify the situation you can have the title canceled, and may not obtain a passport or identity card, nor receive salary or income of companies and public institutions.

will Also be prohibited from participating in public bids to obtain loans from the banks federal and state and enroll in contests.

The full list of restrictions is on the page of the TSE. The name of the person who have the title cancelled, will only be released on 24 may by the electoral justice.

*Information of the reporter Matheus Meirelles

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